Sax, Clarinet and Flute Lessons

Instructor: Sam Schoelen

Sam SchoelenSam Schoelen started playing music professionally at the age of 12. Ever since he found music he has had a deepSam Schoelen passion for it. Sam knew he loved music so much that he went to a performing arts high school in Jacksonville Florida to study Jazz studies. During this time he ran his own Jazz bands and performed all around north Florida. Sam and his bands were well known for anything jazz music needs. Sam picked up other instruments along the way and found a love for all woodwinds and started to perform with not only the Saxophone but also, Clarinet, Flute, and even Oboe! While still just in high school he performed for crows over 5,000 people and performed 5-6 nights a week. Sam followed up high school with 4 years studying Jazz at the University of North Florida.

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